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Lights, Cables and Fittings

We will have eleven down-lighters, which will be  Philips hue colour LED GU10s. I’ve also ordered 32 of the white ones for the rest of the house. I bought them all with 20% discount from a couple of online stores. Should be able to set up some presets, maybe a ‘cinema mode’ mode with low discreet lighting. Will have the option to separate out each half of the room and control the lights in groups. There’s also a ‘disco’ app so I can have the lights change to music!

100 metres of Van Damme speaker cable, Louise laughed at the name – is this how they really appeal to men?


20 feet of HDMI cable for in-wall to the projector, and a fisual HDMI plate for behind the AV setup. Also some Cat 7 to leave inside the wall, just in case.

A Fisual 7.2 speaker plate which I had left over from my last setup, I also bought a 4.1 speaker plate to handle the connections for the Atmos ceiling speakers. Then there’s a good length of subwoofer cable to get to the other end of the room and a plate for the wall.

I plan for the third time to have my broadband entry point moved, it’s been in the dining room and in the front bedroom – and now I will have it installed into the lounge. I don’t intend to layout Cat cable all over the house.


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