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An introduction to the Garden

I think I will have Louise author the garden posts in future, and she can provide details on the various plants. But let’s take a look at what’s been done so far.

When we first filled the pond with water, I thought how stark it was as you could see the pond liner floor. Louise then filled it with plants, soil and pebbles and it’s looking great now. She’s building up a flower bed around it which will also provide shelter for wildlife.

Since the extension encroaches into the garden beyond the existing patio, we’ve made the grass area smaller and Louise has been edging it with pebbles. I had seen earlier she’d added our initials, but she’s continued with some song lyrics – how lovely!

We’ve been taking slabs from the patio for Louise to build her paths, this is where the lounge extension will come out (and a few more slabs across).

The purple shed will be taken down, a we will have a pergola which overlooks the lawn. We will also have three raised beds, one I recently made will be to the left of where the purple shed is, and we’ll have two more down the other end of the garden.


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