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Projector / Screen Update and Hue Disco

So there was the concern about the joists running perpendicular to the projector screen, but having just spoke to the builder – it is not an issue!

We’re waiting for the steels that will go over the bi-fold doors, these will support the weight of the bedroom wall above. The end part of the extension will not be supporting anything so we will have flexibility allowing the projection screen to be flush mounted into the ceiling!


The projector has been setup in our temporarily living quarters, and we watched a couple of films on it last night. Compared to the new lounge, the dining room’s ambient light is higher and the ‘screen area’ smaller, but it still kept me grinning.

I setup Alexa with the few Hue Lights I have setup, and had a play around with the “Hue Disco” app. It uses your mobile phone’s microphone and triggers lighting to the music, excitement is high for when I can use it on a larger scale!


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