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A brief history of time

When we first moved in, the garden looked so tidy. When we look around at the mess, Louise asks”what have we done?!” and I have to remind her, it’s for the better!

You’ll see there was once a nice long concrete path down the middle of the garden which I smashed up by hand and filled a skip with! Not pictured is the 70-80 foot length of hedges down the side of the garden which grew to a good 12 feet or so during our neglect. Our neighbour helped us remove these, they provided a chipper and took to them with a chainsaw! I put up some fence panels between the existing concrete posts, low maintenance!

We have a pear tree in the garden, which developed “pear rust” – so we decided to cut it down but left the stump there, perhaps it would be a feature. To our surprise that stump sprouted many new shoots and they look very healthy!

The lounge was our first big project, I had plans for how I wanted to mount the TV in a sunken wall on the fireplace. We did all the work ourselves, sanded down the original floor boards and varnished them. I had a go at plastering and Louise followed me round with sand paper and polyfilla.

I forgot how ghastly the bathroom was, it’s on the ground floor near the kitchen. The toilet was in it’s own ‘cupboard’ with another cupboard for washing machine and freezer.

I can’t find the finished utility and bathroom photos, and it’s not ‘showroom’ condition to take them right now.

Fortunately for us, I have a fantastic Dad (kitchen fitter/carpenter) and brother-in-law (plumber) who did a lot of the work here. Dad stayed with us for a few weeks and fitted the bathroom, utility and new kitchen! I love the kitchen!

We still have a little way to go, but it’s nice to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come.


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