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Bedroom Block-work

For the record, let it be known, it is HOT. Builders are finishing at 2pm, because it’s just too hot to keep going. Trying to keep them cooled with tip-tops and choc ices, but it’s only a small relief.

The top room being built up is a fourth bedroom. It doesn’t come to the edge of the ground floor extension because it would block the neighbour’s view from their bedroom window, the 45 degree rule! Fortunately they already have an extension downstairs, so it didn’t affect us there.

Meanwhile I’ve bought a pair of bookshelf speakers to replace my falling apart Harman Kardon soundsticks. Since I’ve got the Anthem receiver out, I’ve connected it all up so I can use them with PC, PS4 and Oppo UHD player for films!

In other news we’ve ordered a new dark grey sofa, which we’ve delayed delivery until late September. Going to immediately look to sell our current sofa, and then once that goes we can order some armchairs!


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