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Ceiling Layout

After seeing the joist layout it occurred to me that my original light layout, with some of the lights in line with the centre of the room, would not work.

The red sections are steel, the yellow is the projection screen mounting area. The white lengths represent the wooden joists, and note that the short lengths on the right are not in line with the room.

Calculations told me I’d need about 5500 lumens, which actually equated to about 23 of the Philips hue bulbs I wanted, which is up from the original 11. This layout gives us 16, it doesn’t need to be a bright room and worst case scenario we add lamps. That’s what I’m telling myself to avoid stressing out over it.

Also pictured are the four ceiling speakers and their coverage in their position, which seems to be ok!


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Oppo 203 and Anthem MRX 1120

Ok so it might seem a little premature to have these out of the box, but house extensions are stressful. What with being confined to areas of the house whilst trying to hold back the mess in others, and having to juggle in my head all the things that need to be done.

Until it’s all done and dusted, it’s things like this which get me excited.

Note in the follow images, the “re-usable shopping bag” which comes with the Oppo player..

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Wall colour and flooring decided

So it’s not easy to photograph 100% accurately, and most monitors are not calibrated anyway! But this is an idea of the blue of walls, and the flooring.

The paint is Tempest from the Fired Earth range. It looks like how I thought denim drift would look, but denim drift turned out to be a lot lighter.

The top colour is just Oak Apple, our current living room colour.

The flooring is engineered oak, as we are having underfloor heating engineered wood is preferable to solid wood, as it doesn’t expand and contract with changes of temperature.


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Projector / Screen Update and Hue Disco

So there was the concern about the joists running perpendicular to the projector screen, but having just spoke to the builder – it is not an issue!

We’re waiting for the steels that will go over the bi-fold doors, these will support the weight of the bedroom wall above. The end part of the extension will not be supporting anything so we will have flexibility allowing the projection screen to be flush mounted into the ceiling!


The projector has been setup in our temporarily living quarters, and we watched a couple of films on it last night. Compared to the new lounge, the dining room’s ambient light is higher and the ‘screen area’ smaller, but it still kept me grinning.

I setup Alexa with the few Hue Lights I have setup, and had a play around with the “Hue Disco” app. It uses your mobile phone’s microphone and triggers lighting to the music, excitement is high for when I can use it on a larger scale!

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Projector Screen arrived!

It’s times like this when you sure hope you did your calculations right. The left and right speaker may just have to be a little closer to the wall than first anticipated.

The whole unit is about 130 inches long, but the screen is 120 inches. However I didn’t consider the full width of the screen might be wider than 120 inches with black borders.