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Shower Suite

First off, we should have painted the ceiling already – because now it’s going to be messy getting a mist coat on first. At least it’s only small!

We ordered 23 packs of tiles from B&Q, 6 packs of them were ‘cream’ but labelled as ‘grey’, so took those to local B&Q sorted that! In the end there were 3 tiles left!

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What a difference a window makes

Finally, sealed two rooms with windows to try and keep a little warmth; although we haven’t got radiators in most of the house and the underfloor heating in the lounge gets wired up later this week.

However what brightened the spirit was just the light in the room, good ole natural light.

Panoramas of the three of the bedrooms that are in progress.

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Upstairs Plastered Rooms

It’s taking much longer than anticipated, but at least the rooms are starting to look like a blank canvas. The hallway just needs to be finished now.

Next week we should have render and windows on the dormers. We have a bathroom that needs fitting and tiling as well.

The downstairs flooring needs to be continued into the dining room, but I’ve had to order more of that anyway.

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Art – non geek update

So Louise has stripped down a sideboard and stained and varnished it, it started pretty orange but it’s a nice dark colour now. She’s also been planning her art for the walls and I hung them this evening.

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Daytime Projection Levels

So it’s finally setup, these photos were taken during the day – there is no light leak from the blind behind – if the blind is open you cannot see light through screen, even when the PJ is off.

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Lights + Sideboard

Today a few things did get wired up, but still no mains electricity for the lounge until tomorrow. The outdoor lights got installed, so that’s nice! Also our sideboard arrived, and Louise has been stripping it down so that it can be stained and varnished in a darker colour.

The sideboard will go behind the sofa, not block the centre speaker!