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Our own disco lights.

Using the Hue Disco app on my phone I can make the lights dance to the music. Video quality isn’t great and there’s no music, but it’s a taster. I will sort out a better video later.

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A look at the rest of the house

Today we were painting the front of the house, we only stopped due to the threat of rain. Louise got right to the top of the house on a long ladder whilst I steadied it from the bottom by lying on it.

Then we have a peak at the bathroom, not a lot going on and it’s dark. Then a couple of the other rooms.

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Terminating Speaker Cables

I will need 11 speaker cables between the wall plates and the AVR. So I bought 12 pairs of banana plugs, totally forgetting to calculate terminating both ends.

Incidentally not impressed with these banana plugs, you’re suppose to be able to put the cable up the middle of it and screw it on. What stops it coming out, compression? No. You need to twist it into a mess and try and screw the thread over the top of it – it’s a pain.

The Stanley automatic wire stripper is pretty awesome though.