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Carpet in two rooms

Carpet fitted today, and so before Louise has even got home I’ve hefted out 60kg mattress into the room. The bed-frame is broken, so we will throw that out – the mattress will stay on the floor until we source a replacement.

It’ll be nice to sleep in the new room tonight, no clutter!

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A hint of colour

So here we have a green dining room, yellow and pink bedrooms and a yellow hallway – which will go down to a grey landing.

The colours are difficult to photograph, and we do have a photography colour board that I should probably have used to match them as best I could – I will do that next time.

Fired Earth colours

  • South Bank (green)
  • Aconite Yellow
  • Eton Mess (pink)
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Choosing Colours rev #54

It’s pretty stressful, but we think we’ve chosen the colours – now that I see them like this together I’m feeling good about it

  • Nightingale – Hallway
  • Aconite Yellow – Landing and Rear Bedroom
  • Graphite – Front Bedroom
  • Eton Mess – Side Bedroom
  • Ultramarine Ashes – Master Bedroom
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Underfloor Heating

So I’m sitting in the lounge and feeling the toasty warmth of that underfloor heating.

I lost a little of that warm feeling when I checked the SMART meter, 71 pence per hour!

Figured we now might look into Solar Panels..

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Harmony Elite Remote with Smart Hub

On Friday morning I started to wonder if there was a way to control all my devices with one remote.

  • PS4 Pro
  • Oppo 203 – 4k Player
  • Anthem MRX-1120 – AVR Receiver
  • JVC X9500 – Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Philips Hue Lighting

It also just so happened the solution was available on Amazon, a black Friday daily deal for just £139. (It’s back up to £213 now).

It arrived tonight, Sunday evening, and I’ve just been configuring it, here’s a few things that happened during setup – most of which can be done from your phone.

All IR transmissions are made from the hub, which is controlled by RF from the controller, so I don’t need to turn around and point the controller at the relevant device as the hub is stationed where it can reach them.

I’ve been able to teach it using the IR remote for the projector screen. I then configured the Harmony Remote to control that directly as it’s out of sight of the hub.

The X9500 projector was in the database as DLA-X950R, now that I have that sussed it will turn on. To turn it off however it requires the power off sent twice, so I got the MyHarmony desktop software and configured it to do so!

I have setup two activities Movie and Play PS4. Unfortunately Sony made it so that only the controllers can turn the PS4 on, but it is able to turn it off when you are done. So each activity turns on the Receiver and switched to appropriate channel, the projector and the Oppo 4k player for movies. I have configured it through the software to leave the projector on which switching between activities, but it will turn off the PS4/Oppo as appropriate.

I could tie in the lights to the activities, but it’s not convenient to place a disc in the player in the dark. So lights have been assigned to the buttons at the bottom of the harmony remote, currently on/off and dimmer functions.

I’d be interested to hear what other cool stuff I can do with it.

One controller to rule them all!

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Colour, colour on the wall

So I have been painting Farrow & Ball Blackened, after putting a second coat on – it became apparent that I had used two different paints. It seems they do both ‘estate’ and ‘modern’ emulsion, the latter having shine to it. This shine incidentally puts the ceiling’s plaster finish to shame.

I must confess I wasn’t particularly in love with the colour and I think it’s time we were a bit more bold. A boldness similar to Louise’s dining room, which is still coming along with a new piece of furniture to finish painting.

Other colours under consideration, going to get some Fired Earth tester pots!


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AV Shelving Unit

It finally arrived!

I have some tidying up to do, probably want to change out some of yellow and white cables for darker colours too. Oh and may it’s time to build my Ghostbuster car, hope it fits on the shelf!