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Large hole in the roof

Work has started on one of the dormer windows at the side of the house. This was once (this morning) a cupboard into the eave space. The potential for this floor space was lost to the sloping roof, so a large dormer window will be built to maximise the space.

We’re doing this at the front of the house too in the master bedroom, but also because we will need a new window in that room.

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Lounge Furniture

I’m in the middle of ordering some furniture for the lounge, I want a shelving rack for my AV equipment. I found a oak/steel ladder shelving unit, but I need something free standing that I can get cables down the back.

Konk is the company who produce the oak/steel furniture and they will do custom work, so for a very acceptable price they will create the free standing unit (pictured right) using their oak/steel finish.

Also looking to get from them a desk – so the first desk pictured here, but made larger to match the other desk pictured, and to have a thicker top. I’ve also got the pictured chair coming from Rose & Grey

Oh and mentioned before, these are the sofa and chairs that have been ordered, the chairs from Rose & Grey and the sofa from

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Soffits and Guttering – solved

So after the soffits and guttering went up, our neighbour quite rightly pointed out they protruded significantly across the boundary.

I was pretty mortified at this, and so our building manager was out in the pouring rain trying to rectify it before the roofing guys came the next day.

Sadly after this the guttering was still completely past the painted line on the wall. The roofing guys were put back a day, the guttering sorted, and now we have an acceptable finish! Phew..

I think we can expect some significant progress in the next week – windows, roof and render!

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Bi-Fold Doors Fitted

I’m going to ignore the negatives today and focus on the positives, the bi-fold doors have been fitted! The roof will start going up tomorrow, and the windows later in the week.

Then maybe I’ll blog about small issue with the soffit, gutter, and neighbour’s boundaries..