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A look at the rest of the house

Today we were painting the front of the house, we only stopped due to the threat of rain. Louise got right to the top of the house on a long ladder whilst I steadied it from the bottom by lying on it.

Then we have a peak at the bathroom, not a lot going on and it’s dark. Then a couple of the other rooms.

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Floors and Doors

Floor is in now, just need to wait for it to dry and underfloor heating and boards can go down. Hopefully the walls will be dry enough to start painting soon, we’ve got next week booked off work to get on it – also the outside of the house too.

Internal doors arrived today, 9 solid doors.

Update! This is a ‘floors and doors’ update, the floor upstairs was put in too!

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More plaster, and upstairs

One of the walls was plastered in addition to the ceiling, we should be able to get painting at the weekend.

The floor will be going down in the 4th bedroom this week, and the electrician will also be in.

You can see the upstairs shower room has been boarded too.

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They see me rollin’

I’ve been rolling and Louise has been at it with the brush, in a couple of hours this morning we’ve done the white bits you can see here. I had already rolled on some stabaliser yesterday. The weather has been lovely for this. We should get the second coat on today!