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Render, Window, Dormer

Lots of action today, started rendering the side and back of the rear extension, fitted the upstairs window. The original roof has been removed completely from the dormer extended bedroom, and looks spacious!

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Rained Off

Carpenter has left for today as rain is causing too much disruption – it’ll be good when they do get inside and work isn’t dictated by the weather.

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Side Dormer Structure

The side dormer is adding some significant space to this room, it looks huge!

I believe over the next couple of weeks, the rear exterior will be finished, windows fitted, roof finished, render done. Then they will knock through to the lounge, and come back to the upstairs once the floor is finished in the lounge.

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Water, water, everywhere

Water is pooling on the tarpaulin and is leaking through. Since the door was taped up, we didn’t go into this room, until ¬†we had water streaming out of the electrical sockets downstairs.

So now we’ve got a bucket under the leak, fingers crossed it doesn’t rain all night..


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Large hole in the roof

Work has started on one of the dormer windows at the side of the house. This was once (this morning) a cupboard into the eave space. The potential for this floor space was lost to the sloping roof, so a large dormer window will be built to maximise the space.

We’re doing this at the front of the house too in the master bedroom, but also because we will need a new window in that room.