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Ready for roof

It’s difficult to photograph the upstairs bedroom, but it looks like the blockwork is done. I imagine the roof joists will go up next, as they have been stacked next to the bottom of the ladder.

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Bedroom Block-work

For the record, let it be known, it is HOT. Builders are finishing at 2pm, because it’s just too hot to keep going. Trying to keep them cooled with tip-tops and choc ices, but it’s only a small relief.

The top room being built up is a fourth bedroom. It doesn’t come to the edge of the ground floor extension because it would block the neighbour’s view from their bedroom window, the 45 degree rule! Fortunately they already have an extension downstairs, so it didn’t affect us there.

Meanwhile I’ve bought a pair of bookshelf speakers to replace my falling apart Harman Kardon soundsticks. Since I’ve got the Anthem receiver out, I’ve connected it all up so I can use them with PC, PS4 and Oppo UHD player for films!

In other news we’ve ordered a new dark grey sofa, which we’ve delayed delivery until late September. Going to immediately look to sell our current sofa, and then once that goes we can order some armchairs!

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A brief history of time

When we first moved in, the garden looked so tidy. When we look around at the mess, Louise asks”what have we done?!” and I have to remind her, it’s for the better!

You’ll see there was once a nice long concrete path down the middle of the garden which I smashed up by hand and filled a skip with! Not pictured is the 70-80 foot length of hedges down the side of the garden which grew to a good 12 feet or so during our neglect. Our neighbour helped us remove these, they provided a chipper and took to them with a chainsaw! I put up some fence panels between the existing concrete posts, low maintenance!

We have a pear tree in the garden, which developed “pear rust” – so we decided to cut it down but left the stump there, perhaps it would be a feature. To our surprise that stump sprouted many new shoots and they look very healthy!

The lounge was our first big project, I had plans for how I wanted to mount the TV in a sunken wall on the fireplace. We did all the work ourselves, sanded down the original floor boards and varnished them. I had a go at plastering and Louise followed me round with sand paper and polyfilla.

I forgot how ghastly the bathroom was, it’s on the ground floor near the kitchen. The toilet was in it’s own ‘cupboard’ with another cupboard for washing machine and freezer.

I can’t find the finished utility and bathroom photos, and it’s not ‘showroom’ condition to take them right now.

Fortunately for us, I have a fantastic Dad (kitchen fitter/carpenter) and brother-in-law (plumber) who did a lot of the work here. Dad stayed with us for a few weeks and fitted the bathroom, utility and new kitchen! I love the kitchen!

We still have a little way to go, but it’s nice to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come.

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Carpenter was here today to put in the joists. As you can see they start from the steel support, which means they won’t interfere with the projection screen which will be the other side of the steel.

There is also some block-work that was started on the second storey, which didn’t justify it’s own post, sorry!

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Just got home from a long drive with terrible traffic, to make matters worse a girl drove into the back of us in near stationary traffic.

Things perked up when we got home to the beautiful sight of scaffolding. We also have the steels up there!