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Decking and Wisteria for Pergola

So I built the deck on the inside of the pergola, kind of made it up as I went a long – but it seems to have worked. Learnt a lesson to put the printed side of the timber on the inside – I forgot this lesson when I made the step at a later date.

Louise has planted the wisteria so we can look forward to that hiding all the imperfections!

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Pergola built!

With a little help from Louise, I built the Pergola.

It’s not perfect, but it’s ours. Really you wouldn’t notice a slight oversight of measurement, and once covered in wisteria it will be lovely.

We will get some decking timber to run along inside.

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Garden Update – Pergola Arrived

A quick less than artistic document of the garden. F8 and be there!

The pergola has arrived which¬†Louise¬†and I will be erecting, and we’re getting quotes for the patio area.

I’ve left it a bit late for the flowers, the irises were really lovely but are wilting now.

The pond is nice and clear and the apple tree has survived my heavy pruning.


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Jurassic World!

Look at the vegetation on those courgettes! Louise is wondering if she should have left more space between them.

I’ve also been in the new bedroom, roof timber almost complete.

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Pretty Flowers

The yellow evening primrose was out this morning, but I missed it since I didn’t go out with a camera until just now. Poppy is looking good, I like the raspberry looking thing and found a good angle on the rose.