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Art – non geek update

So Louise has stripped down a sideboard and stained and varnished it, it started pretty orange but it’s a nice dark colour now. She’s also been planning her art for the walls and I hung them this evening.

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Daytime Projection Levels

So it’s finally setup, these photos were taken during the day – there is no light leak from the blind behind – if the blind is open you cannot see light through screen, even when the PJ is off.

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Lights + Sideboard

Today a few things did get wired up, but still no mains electricity for the lounge until tomorrow. The outdoor lights got installed, so that’s nice! Also our sideboard arrived, and Louise has been stripping it down so that it can be stained and varnished in a darker colour.

The sideboard will go behind the sofa, not block the centre speaker!

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Sofa, screen and speakers..

So the sofa arrived today, had a little issue with getting it past the scaffolding due to health and safety but we got there in the end.

At the weekend I mentioned the projector screen was installed, you can see it in the photos below, just needs to be wired up before we can use it – tomorrow!

We had a new rug, got a sideboard coming tomorrow and my new desk and AV shelving unit later in the week, perhaps early next. There’ll be art to go up on the walls too.

edit. Just installed the projector!

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Lamp but no power

The electrician was meant to be in last Friday, waiting means we cannot finish painting the room, including major ceiling¬† touch ups. However we do have furniture arriving as we’ve had stuff on order a while and we need it in time for the party next weekend.

So when the electrician finally does arrive, hopefully Wednesday (but I will not hold my breath), and when we do have to do the final touch ups – it will be in a room with furniture – which isn’t ideal. Nevermind.

Anyway.. the lamp, it’s got tripod legs. I like it very much.

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Moving into lounge

Today the floor was finished, the skirting and we got a new door on the hinges – yet to get a handle.

We cannot take living in the dining room anymore and are going to move into the lounge – even though the electrician hasn’t finished,¬† we’ve also got to paint the skirting and do some touch ups.