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Home Cinema Plans

Furnishings subject to change!!

The biggest excitement of this project for me will be the new lounge / home cinema. The room will more than double in size giving us 7.8m x 4.5m space to work with.

Since Louise (my wife) pretty much hates speakers on display, my final solution is to have in-wall (and in-ceiling) speakers for 7.1.4 atmos surround. I have a BK Electric Monolith DF 600+ sub-woofer, which I will be keeping for this setup. My initial issue with in-wall speakers is that they need about 4-inch wall space, and the internal walls of the house are solid brick, and only about 5 inches thick in total. My solution to this is to build a wall on top of the existing wall at the back of the lounge to mount the rear speakers. Fortunately the surround and front speakers are positioned to be in the new walls, which will be up to modern specifications and have sufficient depth to mount them.

These will be powered by a Anthem MRX1120 receiver, it was this or the Arcam AVR850, but the Arcam required additional amplification for the Atmos speakers and I didn’t want the additional equipment. I will set the AV equipment up in the corner by the PC, so the HDMI run to the projector is fairly short and I can make use of the new ‘false’ wall for ease of cabling.

The projection screen will be a 120inch wide, 2.35:1 tab tensioned electric screen, that will be installed flush with the ceiling. I will be getting a JVC X9500 projector and a Lumagen Radiance Pro 4240.

I have my PS4 Pro and I will purchase a UHD player in due time.

The large area behind the sofa also has great purpose, this will be my virtual reality gaming area for use of the HTC Vive.


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